The One with the Changed Title

Hey everyone! Happy summer! I’m currently in car ride home after completing my freshman year at Brandeis. Woo. I’m going to use this post to recap some of the most important parts of this year, culminating with the all-important title change.

So you may ask: why are you changing the title? I’ll tell you. After being admitted to Brandeis in December 2010, graduating high school in June 2011, spending a most wonderful year in Israel on Nativ, and these past two semesters, I’m pleased to announce that I am no longer a “first-year.” It’s been a slice of life, but I’m ready to move on.

This year, I have learned tremendously valuable things about myself, my friends, and my surroundings, both in classes and out. I have had conversations with people and sat through performances that literally felt like they were maturing me just by sitting there. It was probably not in my best time interest to even do half of these things, but let’s be real here-I made it anyways. Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned in the process:

1) Never have coffee past 8PM. You’ll be up all night. Try Honest Tea.


*I will not say how many empty bottles of this stuff I accumulated when I thought I was contributing to the Ba’note recycling competition efforts. 

**This is in effect a retroactive shout-out to my enablers.

2) Kale and soy sauce are a delectable combination and make for a fantastic post-Shabbos dinner…and a panini grill is the ultimate kitchen appliance for making kale chips.


3) Use a bottle of lactaid pills, not the packets. Even though it’s funny whenever the packets are found on your friends’ floors, it makes a mess (and apparently an opportunity for origami).


4) Unless you’re in finals crunch mode, and have trouble getting work done, work in very public places such as academic building hallways. No one usually passes by, but when they do, they don’t want to see you on Facebook…and the anthropology masks in Schwartz Hall can behoove anyone to do their work.


5) If you haven’t exercised in a while, put on gym clothes and go back to the library. When you feel you need to go to the bathroom and do jumping jacks, take this as your cue to run in circles outside. Or have a dance party.


6) Organize your school papers throughout the semester, although it definitely was good fun reopening my desk drawers as an archeological dig site.


*For the sake of my own dignity and confidence in my organizational skills, I decided to not show a picture of all of the giveaways from the fall activities fair.

7) Never use sparkler birthday candles in a dorm room. They often cause excessive smoke. Fans don’t help. Febreeze doesn’t help. CAs don’t help.


 *Notice Eli in problem-solving mode. We just thought it to be a nice photo-op.

8) NEVER leave your computer open in the library. It can change your life. Or at least your life story.


*Just in case you’re reading this and have only seen the hacked status, I’m NOT going to Harvard. Brandeis is just fine, thank you. But if I could defer this admission to one of their graduate programs, I wouldn’t mind…

9) VITAMIN C. There simply is no better way to put it. The cacophonous coughing during the psych final was mildly obnoxious, and I apologize for my contributions.


10) Use art as a way to decompress. When my hard drive failed, I was absolutely anxious before rehearsal, so I drew this fun self-portrait. 


*This may serve as a confession for the ladies of Ba’note who may or may not have thought it was just a random doodle someone left on the whiteboard. It’s in a different style than our average elephant butt.

11) When a friend/multiple friends warn you not to take a class, listen to their words of wisdom. 


…or you will take out your anger by virtually talking back to a teacher. At least I got some great life-scheduling done during that class.

#LING197A #It’sbeenapleasure 

12) Sing in the shower. It is entertaining for all. Hass 4 Cubby 2013-14, you are cordially invited to sing along.


Well, on that note, I hope I’ll be able to integrate these 12 lovely precepts into the way I live my life next year. I have to say, albeit cautiously, that I’ve left this year off at a good place. I knew I couldn’t leave for the summer without declaring my major(s), so I picked up and met with the respective department undergraduate advising heads. So if you read my previous post, little February Hannah who marched over to the Psych Meet the Majors events is now a psych major, and plain Hannah who came to Brandeis to be a NEJS (Near Eastern and Judaic Studies) major has declared as well. I guess my first semester addiction to Srugim, Merchak Negiyah, and other various Israeli sitcoms can pass for more than just constructive procrastination strategies.

I’m off to start a hopefully productive and exciting summer. If all goes as planned, I will spend the next month arranging a second song, running a lot, spending time outside and catching up with friends and family, reading, and regulating how often I frequent Starbucks. Then I’ll be working at camp for my third summer, which will surely give me lots to say and reflect on:)

So everyone, say goodbye to Shapiro 102A, and get ready for a rockin’ summer and incredible sophomore year! Thanks to all those who helped me when I reached funky spots and glitches and took me to do fun things I never would have done on my own; I owe you guys a ton!

Till next time!

Hannah Z. Kober


P.S.-I didn’t actually change the title yet. That’s your job!  Please comment with any ideas!