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If you did not read the title in a GPS voice, please reread the title.

Anyways…hey guys! Hope you all had as incredible of a winter break as I had and that you’re soundly settling into second semester.

I personally did not have an especially restful and relaxing break, but I most definitely loved every moment. I had the opportunity to not only leave the hustle and bustle of the finals atmosphere that I touched on in my last post, but also traveled back home to New York, took casual excursions to New Jersey, and a far-less-casual trip to California.

But as I’m currently back on the Brandeis campus (in a science building…what?!), I have discovered a new perspective on what exactly I’m doing here. Over break, I very much looked forward to returning to school and missed the overwhelmingly positive experience I had during first semester; My associations regarding Brandeis were inextricably tied to all that transpired over the past couple months.

Although I am by no means having a bad time; I have encountered new challenges and not everything that was in order at the end of the semester immediately came into fruition with my return. For instance, with the exception of a cappella rehearsals and Shabbat, the basic structure of my schedule was entirely undetermined. Status pending.

When I was younger, routine meant nothing to me. My bedtime was virtually non-existent. I liked eating salad as my last course. Need I say more?

Somewhere along the way developed a need for clarity in forward-thinking; I need a plan. Maybe it was my 17th birthday present. It was during senior year that I started writing out these ridiculous schedules. That’s also when I decided I was going to double major in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and History, with a minor in Peace Conflict and Coexistence Studies. No questions asked.

I won’t entirely mock the motivation and stubbornness behind that statement because I really thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life. These days,  I often spew out different combinations of majors and minors that somehow will result in a fantastically well-integrated senior thesis on everything that interests me in that given moment. Many of my closest friends at school have pleasure of hearing these somewhat-crazed concoctions on a daily basis.

So to be perfectly honest, I was quite unnerved by the turnover in course selection from what I had chosen in early registration to the final edition.

But whatever. C’est la vie. הם החיים. YOLO.

A wise friend of mine claims that college is likely the only time that we’ll be able to study what we’d like and participate in whichever activities we choose. What we do now has a tremendous impact on how we define ourselves, but not necessarily how the world defines us.

So as I’m heading over to the Psych “Meet the Majors” event and, if I get my act together work-wise, Zumba, Mishmar and a Hillel Crepe Event, I’m at least trying to convince myself that a couple minor glitches and changes to my routine are normal and healthy. Maybe I’m not convinced enough to be all like “come at me! I don’t care!”, but that isn’t a bad thing.

Forming a near-blockade of my quad, construction workers are allegedly fixing the water pipes. Each day I climb around the fencing on an either slick snow or mud-covered (depending on the day)  hill to get to the humanities quad for my morning classes. This is a recurring theme, but I have terrible balance and often nearly slip-n-slide down the little hill. I would even venture to call it a mound. You get the idea. At any rate, each time I near the mini-obstacle I try to think of a novel and safe way to not fall on my face on the way to my writing seminar.

Regardless of my end goal, whether that be safe arrival to a class or club meeting, a freaking fantastic schedule, or professional path, I, and perhaps we, need to understand that it’s in our best interest to look around ourselves and remember to do the things we love best. Even if that means we have to recalculate.

Wishing you all the best and keep following my posts!:)

Hannah Zahava Kober

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